February 11, 2022
Image of NUH 36 Anniversary International Eye Conference

NUH 36th Anniversary International Eye Conference

Dr Cheryl Ngo attended the NUH 36th Anniversary International Eye Conference on 21-22 Jan 2022 with many prominent speakers around the world. The eye conference shared […]
December 8, 2021
List of speakers for Asia-Pacific Myopia Management Symposium

Asia-Pacific Myopia Management Symposium

Dr Cheryl Ngo will be speaking at the Asia-Pacific Myopia Management Symposium. The Asia-Pacific Myopia Management Symposium is a patient and practice management conference for eye care and […]
October 11, 2021
Poster for webinar on common eye conditions in children

Parkway Hospitals Singapore Webinar on Common & Dangerous Eye Conditions in Children

Dr Cheryl Ngo recently gave a talk on common eye problems in children, including serious conditions that require urgent medical attention, and the available treatment options.
April 17, 2021
Dr Cheryl sharing on common paediatric eye problems

Sharing on Common Paediatric Eye Problems with Xin Zhong School

COVID-19 doesn’t stop us from sharing knowledge across borders. Dr Cheryl Ngo was online with the students from Xin Zhong School in Surabaya, Indonesia to share […]
April 7, 2021
Dr Cheryl Ngo presentation slide on MiSight clinical study

6-Year MiSight Clinical Study Sharing with ASAN Medical Centre

Dr Cheryl Ngo was online with ophthalmologist from the ASAN Medical Centre, Korea, to share on the 6 years results of the MiSight Clinical study.
July 3, 2020
Blue light from screens of electronic devices

Is Blue Light from Screens Really Harmful?

Worried about blue light from the screens of your electronic devices? This infographics from The Philippine Society of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus sheds light on the […]
June 6, 2020

Dangers of excessive screen time for your children, and ways to minimize the risks

Is the your child’s eyesight a cause of concern? Screen addiction is on the rise in Singapore amongst children! As families adapt to new norms of […]
May 28, 2020
Screen time together as a family

Managing Screen Time for Children During COVID-19

This review article by Dr Cheryl Ngo was first published on 21 May 2020 in Mount Elizabeth Hospitals’s Health Plus.   As families adapt to the new normal […]
January 21, 2020
Innovations in Ophthalmology Singapore-Malaysia Joint Meeting 2019

Innovations in Ophthalmology, New but Better?

“Innovations in Ophthalmology, New but Better” was the theme for the 35th Singapore-Malaysia Joint Meeting in Ophthalmology that Dr Cheryl Ngo and the ACE team had attended. […]
December 20, 2019
Contact lens care

Proper Contact Lens Care

It’s the holiday season but don’t forget to continue practising proper contacts lens care! Improper lens care and use are the leading causes of eye infections in […]